Sensible Solutions

How can I help you transform your business?

Technology Audit

Audit of your existing systems including how much is paid for each system. What each system is used for and by whom. Security audits of each system with risks and recommended changes. Listing of functionality overlap between systems along with potential savings. Alternative products to consider, often to combine features

Cost Efficiencies

After an Audit, we can cancel unused subscriptions for old users, and software.

Recommend alternative products where multiple existing subscriptions can be combined into one. Ensuring the suitable subscription level is being used.

Undertaking technical work

The next step is automating regular tasks to ensure consistent output and quality of output. Connecting different software systems to create singular business processes. Customising complex systems to your needs.

What I’ve done for Clients

Technology Audit

  • Checking Google and Microsoft email systems, ensuring only required accounts are being paid for
    Ensuring email address standardisation (firstname.lastname@, etc.)
  • Enforcing suitable security policies
  • Look for suspicious activity
  • Ensuring admin accounts are not regular users, and ensuring admin disaster recovery process is documented securely.

Cost Efficiency

  • Archive old users emails and documents, and cancel subscriptions.
  • Moved to Zoho from a combination of CRM, email marketing, and social media management.
  • Downgraded Google Workspace from Business Plus to Business Standard as more advanced features that were not required.
  • Upgraded another customer from Business Standard to Business Plus to gain access to advanced auditing and logging features required by a professional standards body.

Undertaking technical work

  • Connecting website forms to CRM system so that new contacts are ready in the CRM system, and assigning those new contacts to the relevant member of staff based on business criteria such as specific interest of the new contact.
  • Create custom reports to show business critical information in an easy to understand format using the most suitable product the business has.
  • Liaising with suppliers that create custom business solutions where the business has extremely complex requirements for advanced products such as Zoho.
  • Customisations of existing cloud-based websites.
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I have been in IT for 35 years, from developer through to CTO and business founder.

I enjoy aiding businesses in growing and making work life easier. I do this by implementing systems that make life easier, smoother, and increase efficiency.

Having worked in a wide variety of organisations and industries, I am easily able to elicit the core requirements from the client.

I have always had an ability to communicate clearly with all parts of the organisation in terms that make sense to them.

Like it says on the tin, I have a track record of delivering Sensible Solutions to your requirements.

Have a Project in mind?

I can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can develop together.

Let’s develop a flourishing business together

When connected with me, you are not alone in growing your business. I will be there to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organisation. So, if you are looking for support in your systems do get in touch.